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UK Travel Guide - with Wired Destinations


Discount Hotels in UK : England, Scotland, Wales



Great Britain and Ireland huddle as reluctant neighbouring islands shoved together by the North Sea and the great Atlantic Ocean. Great Britain is the greater of two landmasses. The United Kingdom, or UK, is England, Scotland, Wales and the small northern portion of the not-so-united island of Ireland. This group, along with Ireland is situated-as most everyone knows-northwest of Europe, with Scandinavia to the northeast, and the vast Atlantic Ocean to the west. South of course, is the English Channel separating the British Isles from France, Belgium and Holland. Even if you are in the minority and can't place it on the map, surely the very mention of its name stirs some notion of misty isles, great explorers, colonial conquest or royal regalia. If not, you had best hop a plane, train or boat and make the UK your next holiday destination.  We'll help you find your UK hotel, England hotel, Scotland hotel or Wales hotel.

For this is the genteel land from which much of the planet has received, endured or succumbed an influence that has helped shape the world as we know it. Through the ages, great, great things, have surfaced from the pages that make up this land's history. The indomitable spirit of these people lives on and is reflected in the cheery disposition of this buoyant and loyal nation. No matter what your focus of discovery, it is impossible to escape close encounters with the affable folk who permeate the UK. For a genuine life-experience that will long be remembered, visit the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom Map
The United Kingdom Map


Houses of Parliament london
Houses of Parliament london

London, New York, Paris-the world's premier cities from which class, prestige and distinction are synonymous with the international address. The legendary burg of London town, once a cloistered Roman settlement on the River Thames, has indeed grown some over the past 2000 years. Time has not been a kind mistress, however, for London had been brought to its knees a number of times over the centuries. There was the dark period of the deadly plague, which quite nearly wiped out the population in 1664 and 1665, and which was followed by the Great Fire of London that burned for days destroying most of the city. In recent decades, World War II bombs wreaked havoc. Through it all, in stoic British fashion, London has picked itself back up and marched on as the capital of the United Kingdom. In the past, it was the wealth of the Empire funding many of the historical landmarks that remain today drawing admiring visitors the world over. Today, however, it is the flourishing contemporary metropolis of London proper, healing itself and breathing new life into rundown neighbourhoods and crumbling waterfronts. London has history. London has royalty. London has theater, museums and monuments and more to see and do than ...well, just about anywhere. London has charm to be sure, loads of it, but where to start?

How about at the official center of London, Trafalgar Square? Here you can leisurely stroll about feeding pigeons while viewing some of England's most treasured historic monuments. The statue of Lord Nelson, who defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, is a dominant feature and hard to miss. The National Gallery, situated on the northern side of the square, invites you to take pleasure in one of the finest art collections in the world. Work from every major western artist from the 15th through the 19th centuries is on display here. Head to the Houses of Parliament and watch Big Ben toll the hour. Pick a silly trinket for a souvenir of Piccadilly Circus. Perhaps the famous Harrod's department store harbours the wares to tickle your fancy. Shop the trendy Kensington and Chelsea District but do stop and see what's playing at the old Royal Court Theatre. Always a crowd pleaser, the Changing of the Guards ceremony at Buckingham Palace, makes for a colourful show. For a floral display of unequalled colour and refinement, you will have to go to the Royal Botanical Gardens (also known as Kew Gardens). If nature and greenery are more to your liking, visit the hunting grounds of King Henry the VIII, which is none other than the present-day Hyde Park. Within the 255 hectares (about 630 acres), is the Serpentine Lake and the restored Kensington Palace. When you are ready for a spiritual experience, Saint Paul's Cathedral (built in 1666 following the Great Fire), represents a superb architectural marvel with a gallery of monuments and tombs contained in the crypt. Before you leave, test the strange acoustic phenomena of the Whispering Gallery. For more of 'that old time religion' pay tribute to the oldest and most famous of London's great churches, Westminster Abbey. Since 1066, many British monarchs have been crowned in the Abbey. The church shelters the tombs of many kings and queens. Now if the aspect of worship is wearing thin and a certain thirst beckons, bohemian Soho may hold pub or two with an acceptable address. Should you loose your way, fear not, London town is rife with establishments featuring good cheer.


Edinburgh at Night
Edinburgh at Night

An impressive cityscape sweeps across the fairytale quality of medieval Old Town tumbling down the Royal Mile to the poised New Town. Towering above it all, is the resplendent Castle. Walking about the Old Town reveals alleyways leading to ancient courtyards and winding turns that suddenly open to vistas of Scotland's new capital. Edinburgh is a compact, bustling city tucked up the inlet of the Firth of Forth on the North Sea. Edinburgh's beautiful coast and rolling countryside provide the perfect setting for historic castles, great manors and parklands.

As a leading centre for business, finance and education, and now home to the first Scottish Parliament in 300 years, Edinburgh surges with energy and excitement. Restaurants abound with a choice of world cuisine. Pubs, bars, nightclubs and casinos are never in short supply. Entertainment is everywhere, so if opera and ballet is not your cup of tea, try a ghost tour of Old Town's famous haunts. Edinburgh is world-famous for hosting Europe's biggest street party. Sights of a more refined nature can be found at the art galleries or the New Museum of Scotland. Heritage attractions like the Palace of Holyrood House, the Queen's official Scottish residence, shares the limelight with new ones such as the Former Royal Yacht Britannia. One of Edinburgh's greatest attractions is that the coast and countryside are never far from view. With quaint towns and villages, fabulous deserted beaches and castles aplenty, this really is the great destination for golf or otherwise.



George VI said, "The history of York is the history of England". Invading Romans swept aside the nomadic tribes of the area and established a garrison in 71 AD. In time a civilian town with its fine buildings, its baths, temples amphitheatre and forum, found much attraction with visiting emperors. In 400 AD when the Romans went home, the Saxons invaded and York fell into the dark ages marked by much bloodshed, feudal wars and other nasty business. In 866 AD, a hoard of vicious Vikings sailed up the river, conquered and settled but not before turning the river red with blood. In 954, the last Viking king, Eric Bloodaxe, was expelled and his kingdom was incorporated in the newly consolidated state of England. The battle of Hastings saw King Harold vanquished at the hands of William of Normandy and on Christmas day in 1066, William was crowned king of England. That was the last time this country was ever conquered. Every museum in York covers the whole of the history from the beginning to the present day. Now, for something completely different: Deep in the heart of historic York, buried beneath its very paving stones, lies a chillingly horror attraction. The York Dungeon brings more than 2,000 years of gruesomely authentic history vividly back to life. As you delve into the grim and bloody past within the Dungeon's dark catacombs, it pays to keep your wits about you; the 'exhibits' have an unnerving habit of coming back to life ... Or, visit Jorvik and discover a shadowy era in the history of York over 1000 years ago, meet Viking residents, see over 800 archaeological specimens uncovered here, and journey through a reconstruction of Viking-Age streets. Indeed, York is imbued with a fascinating history but that is only the beginning.


City centre Manchester
City centre Manchester

It's big, unpretentious and a little intimidating in its tough image. Manchester is a leading English port and a major industrial center in northwest England. This is a hard working city with not a lot of time for pretty things and trivial attractions. Manchester is, however, an energetic cultural and educational centre, home to the large Victoria University of Manchester, Royal Northern College of Music and the acclaimed Halle Orchestra. For the largest collection of Pre-Raphaelite art in the world, look to the city's art galleries. The 15th century cathedral that is the seat of an Anglican bishopric, is one of the outstanding heritage sites to visit. Denizens of the city known as Mancs or Mancuniums, owe their 'handle' to the name of the 1st century Roman settlement established here called Mancunium. Manchester suffered much damage during World War II bombing raids but has since undergone extensive urban rebuilding. Places of interest include, the impressive Imperial War Museum, the comprehensive Manchester Museum, Museum of Science and Industry and the Pumphouse People's History Museum. Manchester's is of course, justifiably proud of their formidable football club, Manchester United.

"When entering... Manchester, a stranger, overwhelmed by the new and interesting spectacle presented to him, scarcely dares look this giant full in the face." Ireland, Scotland and England, J.G. Kohl, 1844.

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