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Maldives Travel Guide - with Wired Destinations


Discount Hotels in Maldives : Kaafu Atoll, Alifu Atoll, Baa Atoll, Meemu Atoll, Ari Atoll, Faafu Atoll, Lhaviyani Atoll, South Male Atoll, North Male Atoll, Raa Atoll, Addu Atoll


The Maldives Water Sports and Leisure Activities

Wet, Wild and Fun

Relaxing on the Maldives beach or spending the day in a luxuriant tropical Maldives spa pampering yourself is all fine and well, but what to do when you're ready for a little action? Simply slip into that new swimsuit because the islands are big on water sports and Maldives sports and leisure activities, in or over the water. In this water fantasy playground-destination, the only hard part is deciding what to do first. Here's quick look at a few of the options:

Maldives Scuba Diving

Scuba is king in the Maldives, and for good reason; the aquatic world in this region is nothing short of spectacular. Without exception, every Maldives hotel and resort has a dive school operation offering a bountiful array of diving opportunities. Whether it be unique excursions, or courses leading to internationally recognised certificates, the dive schools in the Maldives are staffed and equipped to satisfy your every whim. Diving is conducted daily throughout the year since, even if the wind and waves are up, there is usually a quiet dive site on the leeward side of the atoll.

If you are just beginning, courses start with the Open Water and advance all the way through the series of PADI certification programs including, Night Diving, Rescue Diving and Underwater Photography. Some schools are Instructor Development Centres (IDCs), while still others, propose a wide variety of specialised dive courses. An increased awareness of marine environmental issues, for instance, has boosted the popularity of shark specialist and naturalist courses. Aside from English and Japanese, dive courses are offered in a number of other European languages depending on which school you choose. For this reason, it is best to check in advance. Basic dive equipment is provided at all schools but only a few rent underwater cameras and video recorders. Again, it is a good idea to verify what the dive operation offers in terms of courses, languages, equipment, and accessories prior to booking. Where some schools conduct daily Maldives dive boat trips to a variety of sites around the island, the larger operations are able to propose a daily choice for advanced divers. Amenities will normally include one or more classrooms (air conditioned in some schools), wet room and storage for your personal equipment should you decide to bring your own dive gear. Maldives dive shops and even video processing facilities are available at some of the larger dive schools.

The aquatic majesty present in the undersea realm of the Maldives is paramount for serious underwater photographers. For these enthusiasts, nowhere else presents such a tremendous scope of fish and coral available to be captured by the lens. Sharks, mantas or other pelagic fish are always lurking in the passes or channels leading into the atoll lagoons. Currents can be strong so a diver will need to brace or hold onto something in order to remain still for the shot. Conversely, inside the lagoon the waters are calm enough to carefully frame your subject. The shoal reefs or 'thilas' in the lagoon share a magnificent spectrum of colour with the variety of tropical fish flitting in and about the corals. A note to serious UW photographers: Equipment available for rent at even the best dive operations in the Maldives may not be able to meet your requirements.

Maldives Snorkeling

Snorkelling offers a wonderful opportunity to those not wishing to suit up in scuba gear. Mask, snorkel and fins are available at all Maldives hotels and resorts. Stunning beauty awaits just a few short strokes from the beach, as most island resorts have a 'house reef' situated nearby for the convenience and pleasure of their guests. Snorkelling excursions are conducted at some resorts so that guest may enjoy a more diverse experience. Make no mistake, some of the most colourful coral and tropical fish are on display in shallow water. Meaning, you can languish on the surface, breathing through a snorkel while your facemask acts as a window to the amazing underwater world.

Maldives Fishing

Fishing is big-really big, in the Maldives. The local economy is based on it. But fishing is not just a business here, it's a pastime; the Maldivian folks just love to get out and fish every chance they get. For visitors you have the option of big game fishing along the reefs outside the atolls. Trips can be organised on your behalf or are sometimes offered by the resort on a weekly basis. Night fishing may be the answer for those looking for something out of the ordinary: Boats depart prior to sunset and anchor near a reef to await darkness. Lines are baited and dropped over the sides with sinkers, or weights. There is plenty of excitement if the fishing is good. If not, getting lost in your thoughts and the stars overhead are a great way to relax. Soothed by the gentle sway of your boat on the waves, a warm breeze under the night sky, and not a care in the world?the fish aren't biting, so what?

Maldives Surfing

Surfing is relatively new to these islands. Nevertheless, the Maldives is fast becoming established as a popular surf destination, thanks largely to the O'Neil Deep Blue Contest held here recently. New breaks are being discovered all the time, but for now, most of the recognised surf breaks are around the Male Atoll. If you wish to take advantage of these 'cool breaks' while based at a Maldives hotel or resort, choose one of the resorts on the eastern side of North Male Atoll. Some breaks are off uninhabited islands and are accessed by boat. Others are nearby resorts, and are sometimes reserved exclusively for guests. Best surf conditions are to be experienced during the southwest monsoon period from May to October.

Maldives Cruising Safaris

Though most of the safaris cater to the diving community, some exist to expand the horizons of visitors looking to explore the Maldives. The choice of vessels can run the range of Maldives hotels and accommodation and amenities from deluxe to standard. While some boats offer satellite TV in your cabin and trained chefs, others hope you don't have a problem with the communal washroom arrangement. Rest assured however, dive-based boats are fully equipped with professional gear and qualified instructors. Whatever your choice, one thing's certain: With more than a thousand islands spread out before you and all that water to explore, you can be confident that a safari cruise in the Maldives has something new to offer every single day. "

Maldives Submarine Safaris

If you want to share a magical experience with your friends, family or loved ones, descend 100 feet below the surface in air-conditioned comfort to observe the enchanted undersea world normally reserved for experienced scuba divers. A German-built Whale Submarine now offers everyone a chance to explore the fantastic corals and profuse marine life that is the hidden treasure of the Maldives. With a 100% worldwide safety record, you can remain confident that your unique adventure can be undertaken without the least amount of worry or stress. This is the largest deep diving passenger submarine available, and excursions such as these in the Maldives, are only conducted in a very few parts of the world. How many people do you know have taken a trip in a real submarine?

Maldives Seaplane Excursions

Established by a group of investors from Denmark, Maldivian Air Taxi has been serving the transportation needs of demanding visitors since 1993. Not only has the company safely delivered tourists to and from the various island resorts, they have provided an indispensable means of transport for government VIPs and charter clientele. Now with a fleet of aircraft numbering as many as 18 (during peak tourist season), Maldivian Air Taxi (MAT) is poised to take to the sky on flights of fancy. Which is to say, if you fancy a bird's eye view of these magnificent islands MAT is only to happy to fulfill your wishes.

The fleet is comprised of DeHavilland Twin Otters, a Canadian built aircraft that first began service in 1965. This robust and durable aircraft was originally designed for the harsh conditions of the Canadian arctic. Able to operate on floats, wheels, wheel / ski combinations, and off-strip high flotation tires, it is an incredibly versatile aircraft. Another important factor behind the design concept demanded the plane be capable of take offs and landings in the shortest distance possible. Each Twin Otter has two pilots and a cabin attendant aboard, leaving a seating capacity for of up to 18 passengers. Plenty of windows ensure super photo-snapping opportunities.

Wired Destinations provides all the Maldives info you need for unsurpassed Maldives travel. Also check out Maldives Culture, Maldives Sports and Leisure Activities, Maldives Travel Tips and our Maldives Spa Guide. For online travel and to find the perfect Maldives hotel, think Wired Destinations.

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